Air and Moisture Sealing Products

Whenever we [the Small Planet Workshop] teach a Siga Air-Tight Construction Workshop, one of the first questions is inevitably: “how long will this stuff last?”

It’s an impossible question to answer with any certainty. It’s certainly a very long time. SIGA has seen plenty of 20+ year applications getting new work which allows inspections of old work, and the old work is doing fine. It tests well in rapid aging laboratories, but as we all can understand, there are factors come into play over the long haul and there are going to be cases where building movement, saturation and  building damage preclude anything from working; Let alone gaps simply filled with spray foam or caulking.

SIGA products won’t become embrittled as the solvents dry out like you often see happening with rubber based, or duct tapes. There are no solvents or VOC’s in SIGA. Because of that, all but of one of the SIGA products have no shelf life. Having no shelf life supports the long life span expected of the products.

The one product that does have a shelf life is the primer Dockskin. It’s not an adhesive. If you’re past its’ shelf life, a bond doesn’t fail, it’s just gets thick and is hard to brush it onto the concrete.

Visit the SIGA products page at the Small Planet Workshop for more information.


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